How to achieve success on AudioJungle

Today on the agenda are a few short, for some, banal, but really working and useful advice. Everything that is said below is based on own experience and experience of more experienced colleagues in the shop. So, a few tips on how to achieve success at AudioJungle:

If you are at the very beginning of creating music for advertising, videos, etc. start by listening to a large amount of relevant material and its analysis on the structure, mood and everything else. Listen to successful work, listen, evaluate and analyze a lot.

Until you rebuild your brain from the creative start to analyze the needs of the market and you do not understand what music is for media projects - do not even begin. This is perhaps the very first and most important, the main foundation on which you will build all your further success or ... failure.

Adjust yourself to the fact that until you begin to receive tangible profits, you will need to fill a large amount of material. A lot of tracks, quality tracks, regularly pour, a lot of pour. With a portfolio of 100-200 tracks, a less sane result begins. Successful exceptions only confirm the rule. In addition, regular updating of the portfolio will attract more attention from potential customers.

Constantly work on the quality of the material , both from a technical point of view, and from the point of view of applicability and usability (see again point No. 1). See the lessons of information and mastering, look for any information on the drain, not limited to a single resource. More information, more action taking into account the introduction of this information - this is one of the pledges of your successful movement and not only within the framework of sewage, but also as a demanded musician.

- Always a controversial point, on which to focus better - on one style (and its closest shades) or on the variety of the portfolio. In general, I myself am a supporter of diversity, I still tend to the fact that a professional in any one style, in 99% of cases, will make in terms of the demand for a multifunctional.

Therefore, from the point of view of flow, diversity is better, but if you want greater results, highlight the main direction for yourself and develop in it more actively and deeper.

Use your STRONG SIDES (examples of successful portfolios in one particular style are not small - Cosmonkey / Hip Hop, Odd Vision / Future Bass, Martijn De Bont / Trailer, Octo Sound / Rock and these are just those who immediately came to mind, and after all successful portfolios with an emphasis on one genre is not small.

Forget about the lyrics, beautiful melodies, non-standard moves. Music is simpler and more primitive than sometimes it may seem, but it also needs to be able to do it. So to speak, everything is much simpler and at the same time, more difficult. Your main task is not to make a cool creative track, but to make a track that will well emphasize what is happening in the video sequence that will be on top of your music. We return to item number 1 (yes, I said that this is the main basis)

Create competently tracks with description, tags, title . This is all done for a reason, but for the client to find and hear your creation when entering keywords into the search. If you correctly complete and describe and get the mood and structure of the track, then in 90% of cases it will be bought.

Look for more information on SEO promotion, the search on AudioJungle is not ideal, but if you go head to head with the question, you can get into Google's search results and then the probability of the track being sold out is longer than it is while searching for AudioJungle.

Engage (at least half an hour a day) the issue of promoting your portfolio , bringing additional traffic. Your site, facebook, twitter, soundcloud, YouTube and other social networks to help. Place a link to your portfolio and to individual tracks wherever possible (but understandably also with your head, and not with the help of ghoul spam). The more and more purposeful, the better!

Do not be obtrusive and straightforward when dealing with highways , but look for creative ways to collaborate with them. Track support for haywami is one of the most powerful tools for a great chance of success and great selling!

Try to participate in as many contests from Envato , in as many as possible. This is a great chance to light up, earn and attract attention from Envato. Here after and advice to communicate on the forum, this also often leads to good results. In addition, by communicating on forums with more experienced authors, you get useful information.

Create chat rooms (or gazebos in VC, for example) with like-minded people (preferably not more than 15-20 people and approximately one level, ideally, if there are 2-3 authors with a higher level on the drain). The more communication in such a narrow circle and when you are all on the same wave, the more motivation and useful information for all participants in communication.

Developing and moving forward together is a little easier , and there will be someone to empathize for you or be happy and vice versa. The main thing in such companies is that everyone should make his own contribution and take an active part in the discussions. This can be achieved not immediately, but over time, but in the end you will have an excellent team. And yes, do not be afraid to initiate such a conversation / chat!

Never remove soft-rezhkenty to perezalit and never remove the existing tracks in the portfolio for perezalit (especially gifted authors tried in this way to give a second life not to shooting tracks and as a result they took life away from the account as a whole).

For more information you can check out

If you received a hard disk , in 99% of cases leave this track alone, draw certain conclusions and work further. In extreme cases, consult with more experienced colleagues, which could go wrong. If you are really 100.5% sure that the track has potential - do it thoroughly and try to fill it in again, BUT, it is NECESSARY to change the name, pair of tags and several description clauses!

This is not all , but this is something that will help you a lot when learning to earn money on your music with the help of AudioJungle.

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